Direct employees of the National Coaching Training Centre (Republic of Ireland) are licenced to use Lactate-E version 2.0 for their work.

Download Installer

Right-click the following link and click "save as" to download the Lactate-E installer.

Double-click on the downloaded file to install Lactate-E 2.0 on your computer.

Using Lactate-E 2.0

After installing Lactate-E on your computer locate the installed files and open Lactate-E.xls in Microsoft Excel. If you chose to install a Desktop Icon when installing Lactate-E double-clicking on the desktop icon will open Lactate-E.xls in Excel.

The Lactate-E Excel worksheet should open and a pop-up box should appear notifying you that Lactate-E has been installed. A drop-down menu should also be added to the menu bar at the top of the Excel program window entitled "Lactate Analysis".

All of the features of Lactate-E are accessible from this drop-down menu. Simply choose the type of analysis you wish to perform, set the options on subsequent screens and everything else is automated.

For a more detailed introduction to using Lactate-E read the included help file, accessible from the menu, or access the online help here.

Referencing Our Work

A paper detailing the algorithms used to calculate the markers has been published in the Journal of Sports Sciences under the title “Software For Calculating Blood Lactate Endurance Markers” (J. Newell, D. Higgins, N. Madden, J. Cruikshank, J. Einbeck, K. McMillan, R. McDonald). Volume 25, Issue 12, October 2007, pg 1403-1409.

It is expected that use of this software will be acknowledged by a suitable reference.