Lactate-E Version 2.0 (New)

Lactate-E version 2.0 is free to download. As the developer, I feel that a shareware licence is most appropriate for its distribution. That means you can download and use it, but I ask for a donation of money if you find it useful and wish to continue to use it. The price I feel appropriate is €30 for individual users and €100 for organisations. I leave the amount optional, however, as a small number of our users do not have large budgets. (David Higgins is the sole beneficiary of these donations.)

Lactate-E is written for Microsoft Excel 2003, I have recently discovered some bugs in Microsoft Excel 2007 which are inhibiting Lactate-E's operation within that environment.

Lactate-E Version 1.0

The original version of Lactate-E is free to download and use, however you like, the developers of it only ask that you reference our work in any publications or presentations.

Referencing Our Work

A paper detailing the algorithms used to calculate the markers has been published in the Journal of Sports Sciences under the title "Software For Calculating Blood Lactate Endurance Markers" (J. Newell, D. Higgins, N. Madden, J. Cruikshank, J. Einbeck, K. McMillan, R. McDonald). Volume 25, Issue 12, October 2007, pg 1403-1409.

It is expected that use of this software will be acknowledged by a suitable reference.