Welcome, my name is David Higgins and I am from the West of Ireland.
This site represents just a small selection of my work and interests.
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I have led a rather itinerant lifestyle over the past number of years. Following my studies in pure Mathematics (bachelors and masters) at NUI, Galway I moved to the University of Luebeck to work on the mathematics of complex adaptive systems. The work there led me, via a segue in chaos control, into neuroscience. I worked briefly with Lisa Marshall in Jan Born's sleep research group while he was still based in Luebeck. Then I moved to the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), in Paris, for my PhD. During my PhD I was affiliated with the Cerebellum Group at the ENS, but I also worked in two neuroscience labs at the University Paris Descartes, and when my PhD supervisor moved to the University of Chicago I went with him.

I obtained my PhD summa cum laude, from the ENS in July 2014, and moved to Berlin in December of that year. Since moving to Berlin I have been working at the Technical University (TU Berlin) and also teaching courses at the Bernstein center for computational neuroscience, in Berlin. I also work extensively with experimentalists at the Humboldt University.

Outside of computational neuroscience I have been involved in establishing a regular meet-up for the Julia programming language, in Berlin. And I have joined the data science and start-up scene here (eg. my PyData Berlin 2016 talk is on youtube).

See my professional profile on Linked-In.

Blog: I have now added a blog, where I talk about Mathematics, Biology, Autoimmune diseases and other topics.

A note about the domain name: Uiginn is Gaelic for viking and also for my surname.
Personal interests: sports, programming, reading, travel and languages.