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What is CS?
  Simply put this is a university level degree course that uniquely combines computing and mathematical modules into the one course. This does not mean that you have to be a mathematical genius to take the course. Rather, it's a course that teaches a broad spectrum of related computing and mathematical techniques, the one supporting and underlining the other.

In first year, you will be introduced to the basics of operating a computer so that even a complete novice can take this course. At the same time lectures and labs will take place in the C programming language. As this is a science course a great emphasis is placed on laboratory work which in this case means sitting in front of a university computer learning how it works. In order that students who do not wish to continue with the course into second science derive a full benefit there is also a course in mathematical scientific packages, this is extremely helpful in both Mathematics and Physics courses. As part of the core subjects for the denominated students of this degree these students will also study the standard first year science Mathematical Physics and Honours Mathematics courses.

Computing Studies / Mathematical Science is an interdepartmental course. This is one of the greatest strengths of the course. In first year the Physics Department take students through the electronic components of the computer. All through the four years lecturers from the Mathematical Physics Department, the Information Technology (IT) Department and the Mathematics Department teach courses in their respective areas of expertise. Through this approach graduates are given the most solid grounding possible in this subject.


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