Third Year Syllabus Course Structure:
The course will consist of core subjects and options.

General Degree:
Those students proceeding to General Degree may substitute MA313/314 for MA343/4 and with the permission of the Department of Mathematical Physics substitute MP311 for MP362

Third Year CS Students are required to take options to a value of 12 ECTS Credits. List of options are located here on the Fourth Year Syllabus page.


Umbrella CodeSubject CodeModule CodeModule NameTaught Sem I or II
Computer Science Core
CS324 CS304 Mathematical & Logical Aspects of Computing I & II
CS402 Cryptography I & II
CS323 CT351 Networking I
CS427 Elements of Software Engineering II
Mathematical Science Core (Honours)
MA345 MA343 Groups I I
MA344 Groups II II
MP362 MP363 Methods of Mathematical Physics I I
MP364 Methods of Mathematical Physics II II
Mathematical Science Core (Pass
MA303 MA313 Linear Algebra I
MA314 Linear Algebra II
MP311 MP363 Methods of Mathematical Physics I I
CS305 Computing Techniques of Applied Mathematics II
MM393     Options I & II

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