2nd Year Syllabus The course will consist of core subjects and options as follows:


Umbrella CodeSubject CodeModule CodeModule NameTaught Sem I or II
Computer Science Core
CS221 CS208 Operating Systems I
CS209 Algorithms & Scientific Computing Systems I & II
CS222 CT232 Methododology I
CT233 Information Systems II
Mathematical Science Core
MA294 MA284 Discrete Mathematics I
MA283 Linear Algebra II
MP203 MP207 Methods of Mathematical Physics I
MP208 Methods of Mathematical Physics II
MM292   Options   I & II

Options (MM292):

Students take two of the following subjects:
Subject Code Module Code Module Name Department Reponsible for course
MA295 (Hons) MA286 Analysis I Mathematics
  MA287 Analysis II Mathematics
MA201 (Pass) MA211 Calculus I Mathematics
  MA212 Calculus II Mathematics
ST299 (Pass) MA237 Statistics I Mathematics
  MA238 Statistics II Mathematics
MM255 (Pass) MM245 Numerical Analysis I Maths Physics
  MM246 Numerical Analysis II Mathematics
MP204 (Hons) MP214 Mechanics I Maths Physics
  MP215 Mechanics II Maths Physics
MP202 (Pass) MP212 Mechanics I Maths Physics
  MP213 Mechanics II Maths Physics

The choice of options must be approved by the Department offering the course.
MA286cannot be taken withMA211
MA287 cannot be taken with MA212
MP214 cannot be taken with MP212
MA215 cannot be taken with MA213

Honours will be awarded in the subject MM292 only to those students who have taken all honours components (i.e. MA286, MA287, MP214 and MP215).

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