Syllabus - MA337/MA338

MA337 Statistics (part one)

[The syllabi for MA337 and 338 are approximate, and more topics may be added depending on the students' interests and the instructor's preference. Assessment of students is usually based on homework assignments (for most of which use of statistical software is required), and a final examination.]
  • Explanation of the difference between probability and statistics. The role of probability in statistical decision making.
  • Review of basic probability and statistical inference
  • Review of techniques of data presentation and summarisation.
  •  Discussion of several probability models, including binomial, geometric, Poisson and normal. Moments of distribution.
  • Statistical inference: concepts of point and interval estimation, and of hypothesis testing, P-value and power of tests.
  • One- and two-sample inference (parametric and non-parametric). Analysis of enumerative data.
  • MA338 Statistics (part two)



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